Travel and seeing the world has always been important me, having travelled with friends all around the world as a teenager. I moved to Brighton at twenty, drawn in by its culture and bohemian way of life. I began studying Interior Architecture at Brighton University and learned I had a passion for making and design, at this time I was still working in restaurants to fund my studies. I met Roxanne, an aspiring jewellery designer who later moved to Spain to set up her business “Promise Design” I was and still am inspired by her. University left a lot to be desired and I dropped out in 2015. Selling all my possessions and moving to India for three months was a liberating experience, spending the  days wandering Rajasthan markets which were filled with handmade silver jewellery stalls. My love of travel then moved me on to Australia where I worked in restaurants, on Saturday mornings at a local market I would watch stall owners create beautiful minimalist jewellery.

Having returned to Norwich, the time I spent travelling introduced me to a small business culture that I had previously been unaware of. The handmade side of the jewellery business world appealed to me and reignited my love for make and design whilst opening my eyes to how accessible working with silver can be. I had always believed that making jewellery required extensive knowledge and heavy duty equipment, but I set myself up with a cheap hammer and tools to start creating from my kitchen table. The growing relevance of social media gave me an opportunity to show my journey and work to the world, I set up an Etsy shop working under the name “Made by Bonnie” and started selling work at my first market “Clutter city” in Norwich and received amazing feedback giving me more faith in myself as a designer and small business owner. 

“Studio Adorn” came from my need to create a contemporary brand that fitted with my inspiration and aesthetics whilst still allowing me to expand and grow myself as a designer. Studio Adorn symbolises the future of my creative journey.